Auto Save Hell - To all Game Developers

Auto Save Hell – To all Game Developers

It was after a long time, I picked up a racing game and I was pretty excited about it. One of the reasons, I wanted to play the game was because “Criterion” developed it and I am a fan of the studio and their quality of production. Need for Speed: Most Wanted appeared to be a “so-so” game at first, but after playing the few hours through, I was hooked. It was later that I almost finished the game through 86% when suddenly during the transition to multi-player, the loading screen hung, and to my fear, the “auto-save” icon was visible. I waited for the game to resume but no luck, after a while when I rebooted the game, the save game was corrupted and I had to start all over again.

One of the first things I do, when I start a new game, is that I create “two saves”. There was no such option in NFS:Most Wanted. I’ve been bitten by all sorts of mishaps while playing a video game and one of the catastrophes that can happen to you is that your save game gets corrupted. A save can be corrupted due to all sorts of reasons, and that’s why I like to keep a close backup. I save to “alternate” save files on checkpoints.

Recently, it seems to have become a norm that game developers program an “Auto-save” function in their games. I am not at all against it but the thing is, they should provide an alternative to it. Either turn it off or allow the player to keep a backup.

This is one of the biggest things that annoyed me playing an otherwise “Fantastic” game but now I won’t go back. Criterion, I can understand that you guys needed the auto-save functionality for the awesome “Auto-Log” but please define a way to cater to the possible corruption of the user save as well.

This can be achieved in many ways:

– Allow Save-Game backups or manual checkpoints.- Auto checkpoints creation when writing to a “auto-save” file.
– Give the user an option to import save files.

None of the above exists for NFS:Most wanted. Criterion, I love you guys, but please understand that I can’t play a game if it destroys my beautiful save.

Thank you, and please consider a fan’s plea.

Did you guys ever have to face “Auto-Save” hell? Any solutions?

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  1. Sean says:

    This just happened to me. I lost all my progress, but i still have 700k speed points.

  2. Derek says:

    5.2 millions speed points… all the cars, 100% completion, billboards, hidden gates etc. extra levels, all cars maxed out , 60% online cars maxed out level 71 …120 hrs playing time logged in the game ..froze up during transition. ALL GONE .

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