IDM and Firefox/Chrome Integration

UPDATE: I have uploaded the latest version of the Chrome extension, which won’t be blocked/banned.

Here’s a small but useful post for people, who use Internet Download Manager. The old add-on that came with IDM is not compatible with newer versions. There are alternative solutions on the internet like the FlashGot extension. Anyhow, it’s a simple matter of a new add-on. Download the add on below and install it on your browser.





1- Open Browser,
2- Download required extension for Firefox or Chrome to any location on your HDD.
2- Drag and drop the file to the respective browser.
3- Wait for the install prompt,
4- Restart Browser,
5- Enjoy.

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  1. verrrrrrrrrrrry nice work!superb!

  2. tanks function 100%

  3. lucia says:

    it works!thank u…=)

  4. tru says:


  5. sudhangshu says:

    awesome man.thanks a lot

  6. no extra software nothing helps me alot thanqqqqqqqqqqqqq

  7. jon.clack says:

    great man, it work perfectly.
    Thanks a lot…

  8. jayr says:

    hi i have firefox 13.0.1… i download your link… den install… after it i download video from… my download is webm and its a a video file pls help…..

  9. Very Fantastic job, its really help full keep it up with more use full stuff.

  10. farouk says:

    Maaaaaaaaaaan Thaaaaaaaaaaaaanks a million

  11. Bharatha says:

    Great work..!
    Thanks lot.

  12. kashyap says:

    thnx bud..!
    ur link works :)

  13. Senthil says:

    Working in Firfox 15 also.. Thanks a ton!!!

  14. noname says:

    yaaaahhhh goood workk……….

  15. Your Name says:

    not working with nightly

  16. Ahmed iqbal says:

    Thanks this work is best very very thanks

  17. prash says:

    great man!!its working fine

  18. ahmed says:

    thank you so works

  19. Sumit Ranjan says:

    it is really’s working..thanks very much..

  20. yazid says:

    it’s working thanks man

  21. mell says:

    thanks man,this is great

  22. abc says:

    thanks a lot. but what does the secondary link actually do for firefox? @admin

  23. R.P.F says:

    thanks a bunch!!

  24. Tony says:

    A verdadeira sabedoria está em compartilhar o conhecimento, não em ser sábio. obrigado por seu trabalho

  25. Ayan Gupta says:

    I was unable to integrate IDM after installing mozilla firefox latest version. Thank you a ton for helping me.

  26. Nadir Magsi says:

    its great i like itt and very hellp full

  27. 2OneK says:

    You are great man!!!! Hail You!!! GREAAAATTTTT JOB

  28. Rahasia says:

    works like a charm

  29. Vishal says:

    Thank U Dear….

  30. Procek says:

    Thank you very much from Ukraine. Спасибо большое!

  31. Mafizul says:

    100% working. Thaks a lot

  32. hammad says:

    it’s really good………..

  33. MahmadBaloch says:

    Very Nice work Friend.
    Thanks for help… 😀

  34. coukou says:

    It doesn’t works with Nightly.
    I get “IDM CC could not be installed because it is not compatible with Nightly 25.0a1” message

  35. spark says:

    works like pro buddie

  36. xiaotinkey says:

    The add-on on chrome can’t be added. What should I do? Please help.

  37. dhamang says:

    works perfectly!! thanks a lot dude

  38. anjan bose says:

    great great job man…thnx a ton !!! 😀

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